Do Good and Get Your Money Back

Dave and I have started lending through Kiva, a California-based charity that arranges microloans from private individuals who have money to private individuals who don't.

At the moment they don't charge any interest, so it's not a great place to invest a lot of your money or anything, but it's a great way to be able to keep doing good without going broke.

I heard about it on a fairly recent comments thread on Slacktivist.


What She Said

This whole gleeful hate-on that so many people have for Sarah Palin has really been rubbing me the wrong way lately. Now Flea has explained why.


Thank you

To MSNBC, for calling it this early, so I can get some sleep. And to all you voting Americans out there, for not being *quite* as stupid as you look.

Okay, I'm going to close my computer on MSNBC's 5th straight minute of shots of screaming crowds and get some shut eye before my 8am class tomorrow.