Doing 43 Things

Dave pointed me to the 43 Things website today. It's kind of a cool concept, you create a list of up to 43 goals, not day to day goals like doing dishes, but bigger goals, like finishing a degree or eating better, and then you can be in touch with other people with the same or similar goals, and you can post entries about how the goal is going, and you can check it off with a sense of accomplishment once you've done it. I'm very excited. These are my goals:

  1. learn to drive

  2. become a paramedic

  3. meditate daily

  4. eat well

  5. get in shape

  6. live simply

  7. have a farm

  8. live off the grid

  9. grow my own food

  10. eat organic food only

  11. go hang-gliding

  12. see the aurora borealis

  13. hike from the Italian Dolomites to the Austrian alps

  14. visit a 3rd world country

  15. save a life

  16. speak French fluently

  17. spin my own yarn

What do you want to do?

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