Googlebombs Away!

There is a serious problem on the internets. When I google the word "abortion" the first hit is for an extremely creepy website, www.abortionfacts.com (these assholes get no link-love from me). Abortionfacts.com is creepy because it isn't immediately obvious what they're about, but 10 seconds of clicking and reading reveals them to be of the pregnancy crisis centre variety. A bunch of pretend-compassionate assholes who try their darnedest to deceive women who are pregnant and don't want to be out of getting abortions. These people are scary.

Unfortunately, the only way to get them off the front page is to get enforced childbirth supporters to stop linking to them, and we can't do that (at least not without some 1337 h4xx1n9 5k1llz, and certainly not legally). What we can do, however, is googlebomb something else so that these assholes are no longer the top hit.

I recommend the National Abortion Federation. They're already the second ghit, so we don't have far to go. It's real simple. All you gotta do is put a link to the National Abortion Federation, using the word abortion as the link (just like I've been doing here), on the front page of your blog or website. So, whaddaya say? Shall we bump these low down dirty deceivers off the top of the list?

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