Back Home

I'm back from doing tree, turkey, and presents with my mom's family. I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere reading this has had a nice winter solstice light-and-warmth focused holiday with lots of food and loved ones and funny anecdotes. I certainly did. Of the 14 of us that were gathered at my aunt's house, 4 of us were unaffected by the virus that made its way around. That's fun. Fortunately (though not for him) my sweetie seems to be the only one who's still not feeling well. Everyone was very pleased with their hot chocolate mix, and I got a lasagna pan and a casserole dish, which I've been wanting for ages, as well as some other fun and happy presents. Most excellent. Also, I made that same noggy noggy egg nog and it went over quite well.

All in all, a good winter solstice light-and-warmth focused holiday which I will, for lack of a better word, call Christmas, although there was no Christ to be found, thank NOTA.

Now, if only it were acting like winter outdoors...

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