Café Scientifique cet après-midi

The template upgrade isn't going as smoothly as I could have hoped, but it's going. TY to the Lingering Poof for all his advice.

In the mean time, however, I have an afternoon and evening of excitement planned. I will be going to my first ever Café Scientifique. Apparently they're once a month in Toronto. That's exciting. This month's topic is "Love in the time of science… Is romance just the right mix of genes and chemicals?" which could take a very Jared Diamond-like view and therefore be interesting, or could be all postmodern and dreadful. You can find the poster here(pdf). If I'm inspired, I might blog about it tomorrow, but in the mean time any Torontonians who are free this afternoon should come out. It's at the Rivoli Tavern at 334 Queen St. W in Toronto.


Anne said...

none in Montreal, dammit, but I've been meaning to visit Toronto sometime soon...

Jake said...

wtf? Comments are still supposed to be haloscan. I thought I fixed that.


*goes off to wade through miles of HTML*

Jake said...

apparently haloscan shows up on the main page, but only blogger comments show up on the individual post pages. Unacceptable.

*wade wade wade*