For those who are interested:

- Moving into the new apartment went much smoother than I expected it to (and many thanks to those who helped!)
- We're about 90% unpacked, which is good (although that last 10% is always a bitch).
- The new apartment is smaller than the old one, but pretty much everything else about it is much, much better. It's in a complex with a multi-person custodial/managerial staff, all of whom seem to be sober when they're on duty. The attitude towards broken things seems to be to fix them rather than paint over them. The building itself is small enough that it probably isn't supporting a large population of cockroaches. We're in a real neighbourhood, with shops and people who walk and restaurants and *gasp* a subway stop. I could almost cry. The only thing I really don't like is that I'm now much too far from school to bike there. On the other hand, I'm biking distance from other things in the city, which is awesome. And because we're on the subway line, the commute to school by TTC is only about 10-15 minutes longer than it used to be.
- New address will go out to those whose business it is fairly soon. Phone number has not changed.
- Classes start on Monday. There is a >0 chance we'll have finished unpacking by then. Eek.
- After making us wait for the better part of a week, Primus has finally seen fit to provide us with phone and internet service, hence this post.