People Have Sex

That's a fact. There is not a single thing that anyone will ever be able to do to change that. All kinds of people have sex. My ex knew a massage parlour worker who said that her most common clients were Hasidim. Evangelical preachers get arrested for asking cops for blow jobs. (It still amazes me that it's illegal to ask for a blow job in that state. As far as I know, in the case in question the preacher didn't offer or ask for money. The poor man just wanted some head.) All sorts of people have sex.

Telling people not to have sex does not stop people from having sex.

Pressuring people to promise not to have sex until marriage does not stop them from having sex.

Lying to people about how their bodies and available contraceptives work does not stop them from having sex.

Refusing to allow people to talk about sex in public does not stop them from having sex.

Making sex as dangerous as possible by denying people access to condoms and other contraceptives does not stop those people from having sex.

If people want to have sex NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP THEM.

So please, stop trying to do the impossible and give the poor women in the United States of America their freaking emergency contraception.


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