Productive Couple of Weekends

I was sick as a dog last weekend, so all I managed to accomplish was a few loads of laundry, but Dave tidied and vacuumed in the living room and kitchen and did a bunch of dishes. This weekend we managed to:

  • unpack completely from our trip to Montreal and put away the suitcase (I actually did this as soon as we got home!)
  • do meal planning for next week
  • go grocery shopping
  • make lunches for next week
  • make dinners for the next couple days
  • do a bunch more dishes
  • clean out the fridge of old nasty stuff
  • take down the garbage that had been sitting there waiting
  • fold the laundry that we left hanging to dry when we left for Montreal
  • organize some papers in the study
  • empty my binders from last semester and prepare my clipboard with blank lined looseleaf
  • tidy and dust in the bedroom
  • make the bed
  • do another load of laundry
  • vacuum and mop in the bedroom
  • scrub, vacuum, and mop both bathrooms
  • do a bunch of number theory problems (my contribution to that was mostly cheerleading)
Now Dave is doing yet more dishes (they just keep getting dirty again!) and I need to hang up the latest load of laundry, and the study is going to take a few more weekends like this before it's really usable, but I feel like I might be reasonably ready to start the new semester tomorrow.