Non-Daily Link, Monday

The best thing I've read today, hands down, is Flea's dream Feminist Acres. I don't think anyone who has ever worked for an activist or non-profit, left-wing organization can possibly fail to relate.

It's so nice to have tangible proof that I'm not the only one, though. It's such a horrible feeling, to look around and realize the struggle you and your organization and possibly your future family have to go through, and to know that if you just gave up on a few of those principles it would all be so much easier. To just sit down and think to yourself "You know what? Fuck it! I don't *care* about being environmentally friendly, or vegetarian, or any of that. I'm gonna do it. I'm just gonna stop caring." And then you get that sick feeling in your stomach when you realise that you can't stop caring, that you won't stop caring, and that the cost to your soul of living like you don't care is even greater than the cost of living with your principles.

So you get back up and trudge on, questioning your every motivation to see if it's one you can live with, not buying things that would make your life easier because you don't know whose life you'd be making harder by doing so. Noticing things that no one else seems to notice, like the fact that 90% of what gets sold in the front of drug stores is completely useless, and 90% of that is marketed exclusively to women.

Bloody hell. I'm sick of living in Feminist Acres.

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